Just follow the footprints, all these broken shells could never let me leave without a trace. I’ve got a lot to account for in this perfect tragic fairytale, and most of that story’s on my face. I can’t tell if I’m finally strong, or if I’ve finally come to grips with that all of me is wrong. You pulled while I pushed and the friction started fires, and I’m dancing with them on our bridge while this whole ordeal transpires. Give me up if you can, give me you if you dare, find a way to face yourself or me or whatever birthed this scare. I noticed more than they think, and I think more than I should. I’d empty my lungs and fill the air with my thoughts if only I could. There is no answer here. There is no safety here. There is no lesson to be learned, just a return to what I’ve always known, bridges in ashes and pages unturned. Progress, you are a lie.

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Heart In A Bottle

Something pure and different is fluttering in my hand, it holds me up in many ways but most nights it can barely stand.
And it’s funny, cuz it’s recognized as a perfect shining heart, but its skin hides turned in thorns that slowly tear itself apart.
I could find a million words that explain the things I see, but they fall past selective ears to bring the weight of it all on me.
And it’s sad because it’s perfect, the secrets line the shirts, and it’s awful cuz it’s real, it’s whole because it hurts.
What did I get here, what did I find? If this disaster is salvation, will it be yours or mine?
A million unanswered questions about this thing I don’t understand; a million things to be terrified of about this one heart in my hand.

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And at this point I think I’ve earned where I stand, with ink, sweat and tears instead of blood on my hands; some sort of future ahead, but finally nothing behind, the hate that hid in my heart now only existing in my mind. With less answers than questions, and so little time spent sleeping, but with a life I never took yet somehow ended up keeping. All the best intentions could never erase the wrong, but all the right in the world could never have made me this strong.

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Whispers On The Ground

This manmade machinery of monsters, miracles and mystery will only last for so long.
Life lives, learns, and loves, lead by the laws of the light above, then, like all else, is gone.
Give these four mistakes a chance to live, take this missed chance to forget and forgive.
See, son, all these views are the last true things that we have left, so fall into reflection and refuse to forget.
When winter wanders we’ll wish we wouldn’t wonder why her sisters went away; can they return?
Can cold clouds call to question subconscious recollections forever, or can that bridge be burned?
A deep rush in the wrong direction, a positive fall into a negative reflection.
Imagination meets memory, the fourth captivates for a while what was wild and free.
Just leave these things be.
Fall into forgetfulness, or face this fate forever.

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You will find anything in everything if you look for something often and intently enough; it’s what we make from and of ourselves that we can honestly know to be truth. Place your trust where your faith lies, but believe in yourself and your understanding of the truth above all others.

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Please read this, just because I asked you nicely.

While it’s obviously true that money can provide incentive for good things to get accomplished, it’s absolutely sickening that something that doesn’t actually contribute anything to sustained existence is allowed to have such control over everyone’s lives. The progress we don’t allow to happen, the people we allow to live in poor health, the nations that are allowed to starve… the idea that these things don’t need to happen but do because the money isn’t there is complete bullshit. The world has allowed itself to become completely addicted to money, to the point where we let people go without things that we know are necessary to a healthy and whole life if they don’t have money, on all scales, and people actually don’t see a problem with that. An unnecessary substance was introduced into the entire system of human coexistence, and now we do awful things for it while the people without it suffer, though it’s not technically even something they need to survive. Shit’s fucked right up, and the people who disagree only do so out of ignorance to the fact that they’ve been played right into the system. “I work for my money, I earn my stuff, I deserve what I have;” You have this thing that people get enough of to think they’re happy and living well, yet they always need more. Those people only see what money gets them, and miss entirely the things that are allowed to happen because of the currency system that keeps them specifically happy. We’re allowing the whole human race to collectively squander our potential, suffer unnecessarily, and shit in the face of evolution in the name of fucking money, and people don’t see it because they’ve been successfully convinced that money is essential to life and that this is just how things are, like that’s a reason to accept it. I understand that the drastic changes that would need to be made seem daunting to the point of impossible, but if we hope or think we can expect to allow the whole species to just live this way forever, we will be remembered by no one as an entire species of godlike potential that traded its collective light for fool’s gold.

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We’ve been divided for too long. By country, race, religion, financial status, and countless other useless divisions, we keep ourselves separated and in check, putting in our time with our respective cliques and remembering at all times that “us” and “them” are not the same… Things are like this because we have been told since day one that this is how the world works, just keep your head down and pay your taxes and it’ll be fine. Things aren’t fine. There are countries plagued with diseases we can cure, there are homeless people in a country where CEO’s buy sports stadiums, there are missiles on any given continent ready to someone’s world to the stone age on a planet with infinite energy resources that still thinks fossil fuels are a solid choice… The world is owned, but you are not. Recognize the wrong around you, and start thinking about if you’re really ok with it. You alone probably won’t heal the world, but why should that stop you from wanting to try?

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I don’t understand why people are so determined to let money hold all of mankind back as a collective species. The idea that there is a much smaller body controlling everything through the concept of owning the world via money than those we already acknowledge makes so much fucking sense it’s ridiculous. The absolutely only people who stand to lose anything if currency were nonexistent are those who maintain control over everything by having control of the money. We know how to cure many diseases, but people still suffer from them if they don’t have the money needed for treatment. The absolute only thing that keeps anyone with a known curable disease afflicted with said disease is limited to zero access to treatment without the money “required”for treatment. The medication, immunizations, etc all exist and are physically able to help anyone whether it’s free or a million dollars, but not having whatever predetermined price “required” means the afflicted suffers. The money literally only needs to get involved so it can BE involved; your health is being used to fill someone else’s wallet. The whole fucking food industry, which is shady as fuck from the get-go, is blatantly stomping off towards being monopolized by one company, boiling down to yet another resource and right turning into someone else’s guaranteed payroll and power. You’re taught all through elementary school how important it is to be able to answer someone else’s questions correctly, and that above all else you must go to college - if you can afford it. That’s ok if you can’t though, just take a student loan out, and over the course of time pay disgusting interest rates that most often end up being paid off at a substantially higher total than the original loan taken out… We have the resources and information to teach people how to reach their full potential (NOT “get a good job”) but you can’t be part of it unless you’re dumping money into someone else’s wallet. Money does not cure disease, it cannot be eaten and made to sustain life, it cannot teach you anything, but people are allowed to remain sick, hungry, and uneducated if they can’t buy their way into a happy, healthy life. Although I don’t agree with it, I recognize that if nothing else money provides incentive to get jobs done, but where do you draw the line saying what is a positive use of commerce versus using a useless concept to keep people down? These go beyond political issues, these are worldwide HUMAN problems that we allow to happen… Sigh. Anyone wanna move off the grid with me? Like, Mars or The Moon???

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The light that caught your eyes created a lightning storm to strike me down. A million miles have buried themselves underneath our feet, but no answers have been found. And I knew we’d found something to see we stayed; I knew that when we met, mistakes and miracles were made.

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An Investment

I could throw my knives down, and I could tear down this wall, but only if I could start again; you couldn’t recognize me at all.

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